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The Coulter Hampton Foundation

My concept is to brand The Coulter Hampton Foundation located in my hometown. There is a lack of cohesive branding and I feel this cause could really soar and stand beside any other nonprofit fundraiser in terms of size and capability if it could be more properly marketed and therefore recognized. 

The website explains: 

Through the Coulter Hampton Foundation, Inc. 'Coulter Hampton Day' will happen every year as a celebration of his life. It will be a celebration of children and families.

Funds raised through the Coulter Hampton Foundation, Inc. will go towards helping other families that are suffering with Aplastic Anemia/Cancer/ or other childhood diseases. Priority will be given to families in the Gordon County area.

The Foundation will also honor thoses organizations that helped Coulter and our family survive his illness. These organizations include but are not limited to: The Lighthouse Family Retreat, Make a Wish, Org. , Coulter's Comforts, Achieve Learning Center, Fairmount Elementary School, Aflac Cancer Center, and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

I have tried to use the elements which they have already established: kid friendly, fun, young, superhero. But I would love feedback on how to more broadly and cohesively brand this foundation. 


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