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"The Corinthian Spirit"

In 1882, an amateur English football team were formed who would hold sportsmanship, honour and a cheerful countenance in the persuit of excellence in the higest regard. The Corinthian Football Club or 'Corinthians' as they were known, would go on to inspire some of the biggest names in world football and their name would stand as a symbol for excellence and fair play long after the club itself faded into history.

The "Corinthian Spirit"
“As I understand the breed, he is one who has not merely braced his muscles and developed his endurance by the exercise of some great sport, but has, in the pursuit of that exercise, learnt to control his anger, to be considerate to his fellow  men, to take no mean advantage, to resent as dishonour the very suspicion of trickery, to bear aloft a cheerful countenance under disappointment, and never to own himself defeated until the last breath is out of his body” 
NL ‘Pa’ Jackson – Founder Corinthians FC

Within four years, calling on the best amateurs from the public schools and universities, there were nine Corinthians in the England team. Twice, the national squad consisted of all Corinthian players.
The Corinthians went on to challenge some of the top professional teams in the land including,  in 1904,  beating Manchester United 11 - 3, still their worst defeat.  
They also took football round the world, touring in South Africa, Canada, the United States, South America and across Europe, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Denmark and Germany. 
In 1910, after a visit to Sao Paulo in Brazil,  the locals were so impressed they founded a Corinthians of their own, now Corinthians Paulista, one of the most successful clubs in South America; in 2012 they beat Chelsea to become the current World Club Champions.
Real Madrid, and some say the English National Team, play in white shirts and navy shorts partly in tribute to the Corinthians.

"..teams could behave like the Corinthians used to do, back in the 1900s. They were the totally amateur, public-school, Oxbridge team that put fair play and moral values above such sordid, vulgar things as winning. They never argued with the ref or entered any competition where there was a prize. If by chance the other team lost a man, either sent off or through injury, they immediately and voluntarily sent off one of their own men, just to keep things even."  Hunter Davies, 'The New Statesman'

When penalties were first introduced in 1891, Corinthian C.B.Fry called the new law: “a standing insult to sports men to have to play under a rule which assumes that players intend toe tip, hack and push opponents and to behave like cads of the first kidney”.

There is a famous story that once, on the second South African Tour in 1903,  the referee adjudged one of their players to have committed a foul in the penalty area and such was the ignominy, the Corinthian goalkeeper stood to one side to give the opposing team a free shot.

The Corinthian FC team that toured North America in 1906.

A bit about me

The topic I have chosen encompasses my interests in history and sport in general, but specifically the inspiration I get from them in my design process.

I have been a football fan and sometime player since I was a kid and have also been fairly creative as many members of my family are artists. During my early school years my interest in the two subjects combined when I was encourages by my mother to send the football shirt designs I used to draw to a local sportswear company. This hobby was encouraged and would eventually lead me to my studies and career in the arts.

As a child I loved reading about 'Romans' 'Knights' and 'Castles' An early memory I have is of being at a country fair with my mother (she manned a stall) and through boredom and childish inquisitiveness spending most of my days sat at our neighbours hearaldry stall, drawing knight, shields and finding out what all the different elements and colours meant. It's a subject that has interested me ever since.

'Native American football monster' circa 1983.

Nowadays, I work as a graphic designer in the North West of England. I have a particular intersest in hand drawn typography, branding & photography. Mary is one of my favorite desgners and I'm really excited about the prospect of being helped along by one of my design hero's. *leaves apple on teachers desk.

A selection of images from my Pinterest inspiration board


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