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Allison R.

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The Cops Project

So, I started out pulling out words and phrases that caught my attention and the biggest ones had to do with odds, incentive, quotas, false, perjury. etc. I did several sketches, but here are the ones I've ultimately ended up with:

A play on the scale of justice - it's truth versus quota/lie. With the cop looking back and forth not sure which to choose. The quota side is loaded down with money, job security and other things. Truth only has a feather of justice.

This one has to do with the "odds" word that I found in the text. It reminded me of gambling and I thought that perhaps the cop could literally play the odds in court. So I've put him at a roulette table, judge as the "dealer" if you will, and I'm still not quite sure how the jury is going to fit in yet. The odd thing about this roulette table is that red is lie and black is truth, and that there is only one black square on the roulette wheel. The cop will be putting the defendant on the "lie" square indicating that he's gambling with this person's livelihood.

This one is in the courtroom, with the policeman swearing on money instead of a bible.

Typical business-money looking person, with policeman in his pocket.

A cycle effect of cop getting approval from boss then sending more people to jail, then boss getting money. Not sure if it shows the "lying" aspect as much, but wondering if it implies it.

These were a few ideas I had off the concept of Lady Justice:

Being blinded by money - cop also trying to add more weight to his side - prisoner already in jail on other side of scales.

Well, that's it! Thoughts are welcome!


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