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Lindsay Curren

Embracing the historical moment.



The Conversation

I'm more of a "keep it in my head," person process wise, rather than making written notes or sketches. I do go through a process of imagining and generating ideas, images, and a direction, but it's mostly kept in motion in the old noggin.

The images and associations that came to mind for me with The Conversation were:

  • a confessional booth screen
  • vintage analog electronics
  • the spark you see in your mind when you hear audio crackle
  • invasion of privacy/overhearing/listening in
  • isolation/lonliness while in a public space
  • machines as interessionary devices/interlocutors to human exchanges (early iterations, pre-cellphone)

I wanted to create something that felt cold and hot at the same time, a polarity. With this I wanted to suggest people, and an exchange, without showing actual people.

As a second iteration I'm still interested in what this might look like with a confessional screen as one of the elements, and what it might be like with people instead of machines.

Here's what I've come up with so far:



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