The Continuing Story of My Pro-Blot-Jects

First Blottempt

But which way is UP?

Second blot clarifies the story, a bi-species pursuit

Ahhh! So there it is...the mangy, mutant coyotoid is being pursued by a mean, multi-pedic insectaloid, with malicious intents!

Second blot was sent as a postcard to my grandsons.

Third blurt of ink, before treatment..

This one revealed its identity rather quickly!

A counter-clockwise re-look at a print of the original blot suggested an "alternate" identity.


Further exploration lifted a veil and uncovered this "thing."

(probably better understood upside down, if you can do a headstand while looking at your monitor!))

Blurt #4

...turned out to be the ANTI-monster!


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