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The Conductor


My day job is a graphic designer, but earlier this year I launched an apparel brand, Transit Apparel, centered around three core concepts of one central idea; Pride, Culture, and History of Rochester NY.  The intial launch has four series in limited releases and focuses on t-shirts, but I'd like to branch out into character design and designer toys to provide a more well-rounded offering.  This class seemed like the right motivation for following through with the idea.


As my brand is transit-themed I intially developed the idea of a character to use for supporting graphics on the site and promo materials, but that quickly evolved into giving that character more of a leading role.  I named him 'The Conductor' and his inspiration came from something like this:

For the series designs I wanted to showcase him in, I planned on 'dressing him up' to represent the neighborhood culture of each subway stop in Rochester.  Each neighborhood really has it's own identity and I want to showcase that individuality.

I will start to add sketches and rough ideas as the class progresses and hopefully have a stronger concept I could actually produce, but for now I'm trying not to go too fast too hard and get carried away.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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