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The Concepts

Hey everyone,
I'm Rox, and I have designed quite a few creatures over the years and really wanted to use those for this project. I wanted take one or even two of them (perhaps all down the track) and really push their designs into reality.
So here are the different creatures. I have a lot horse based creatures as the horse is one of my favourite animals. A few of these were also designed as mounts for characters in stories and the horses' anatomy works for that purpose.

So here are Creature A, B and C. A is a wolf/horse cross that is used as a mount but also wild. B is a small weasel/lizard/bug-like creature and C is a nasty bear/boar monster.

Here are D and E. These two can be used as mounts but are hard to tame and ride. D is a forest unicorn of sorts with unusual colouring and patterns and males have spectacular antlers and tails. E is an amphibious dragon able to live on land and underwater with great fins that expand when swimming but slim down on land.

Would love to hear what others think of these sketches and which ones you think I should explore further first. Be kind friends! *Runs off to her cave*


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