The Collage

The Collage - student project

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The Collage is an online retailer and innovative design house in the heart of Los Angeles. 

Offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes & accessories. Our goal is to partner up with the best high fashion and streetwear brands, artists & designers to give you exclusive clothing that cant be found anywhere else. With every item purchased 20% will go to charity

Our vision is to create artistic, unique, hype-worthy attire as a more meaningful alternative to bland fashion while being able to give to the unfortunate in a personal and significant way.


Brands selling their exclusive or limited edition clothes on The Collage makes it a big deal.

Its not just the latest release or 'Fall Collection'. Its not the latest from so & so.

The product is special. There's motive in the creation. Purpose behind wearing apparel sold on The Collage

Doing collaborations for a greater cause.

Our goal is to take the best designers and highly loved brands to create well thought out clothing - use it for a higher purpose.

Less Guilt. Do Some Good - Be Unique. 

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