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The Cogniton Post

From acorn to oak tree. It has been observed by many that "life does not come with a manual." For all the success we humans enjoy at dominating the earth it does seem at times as if mother nature somehow got everything all backwards with us. After all, we start our formative years long before we come into those powers of awareness that enable us to take control of the directions our lives take.  Yet, inspite of this fact, there we are at two, three, four, five, six and seven, without those enabling powers of awareness, forming the foundation stone impressions of ourselves, and other people on which much of our remaining lives will be built. And then, as if that were not enough, when the time comes that we do start developing the mental capacities we need to guide ourselves through life, mother nature then sees fit to make sure that those powers develop during a time when we are being inundated with non-stop waves of hormones raging though our systems, spuring us on to near devalish forms of behavior while we are still trying to figure out what our social world is all about! Finally, we emerge from adolescence, at the threshold of adulthood, needing to formulate the choices and actions that determine the course that our lives will follow through the different spheres of our lives. Choices such as, what am I going to do for a living? Who do I find to be an appropriate life mate? What is an appropriate mind set or attitude for me to have towards life? What kinds of entertainment are right for me to seek out? What is the purpose of my life? What does my happiness and inspiration for living depend on? By the time we are expected to make the choices that count the most many of us find that we are already filled with a variety of emotional responses, and action tendencies that run counter to the choices we think, or know, or desire to be making at this time in our lives. And as if this were not enough, this nowhere includes even a mention of specific kinds of conflicts, that virtually all of us encounter in one form or another from our parents, or lack there of, other kids in school, violence, brutality, the police, our so nontrust-worthy political leadership, etc. 

What if we had a place we go to get a mental workout. What if in addition to dropping by a twenty four hour fittness center and keeping ourselves in top physical shape we were able to then drop by a mental fitness center, go in and go through a mental workout that would enable us to build clarity and mental focus. Learn and practice mental technologies effective at increasing our understanding of the meaning of our own behavior and emotional responses, raise the level of our self-esteem, and deepen our clarity obout our purpose in any and every area of our lives. Not a psychologists, or a psychiatrists office, but a place where we could choose the kind of intellectual technologies to work with and what issue(s) we wanted to use them on. The result would be that we could get an invigorating mental workout while formulating effective choices to guide ourselves through the important places, things, people and events that make up our lives. As a member of the community, at the place you are in, You have access to the technologies and their implementation any time you want or need to have it. Such a place would enable you enjoy the benefits of achieving a doctorate degree in philosophy without having to spend ten to twelve years in college to do it.  

I am both a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

To ensure a steady stream of work I will spend at least 2 hours  a day participating in forum discussions, blog discussions, Facebook discussions and twitter posting to increase the range of my audience.

I will also spend a couple of hours a day writing a daily blog post and a weekly news article.

Twice a week I will spend one to two hours researching a variety of affiliate products to endorse and promote.

I will relentlessly persue an expanding range of knowledge and understanding in the fields of psychology, neurology, philosophy, public speaking, sales and technology.

As an entrepreneur I will constantly be seeking people who have skills in video camera work, copywriting and public relations.

As income permits I will hire talented people to perform all of the various tasks I perform to conduct my daily business affairs, with the exception of the daily writng and occasional video presentations that I make.

To fund this process I will start by promoting affiliate products to my customer base. Over time, I will build a line of informational products of my own to promote and offer to my customer base.

In the beginning, I will need only a small amount of money to initiate my affiliate marketing programs. The money for this I will supply from my current hourly day job. As money comes in from my affiliate marketing efforts I will be turning a significant portion of it back into my business to purchase traffic and build larger numbers in my email lists faster. Once my lists begin to reach great enough numbers to bring my income to a level of 6 to 10 thousand dollars a month, I will begin turning my attention and resources to the direction of creating my own informational products. Once I am able to get an informational product on the market that sells well, I will turn my attention to the task of expanding my knowledge to include the full range of what is currently understood and practiced in the field of psychology, psychiatry, and self-development. 



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