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The CoatHook - The Undercoat-Only Pet Comb


I just launched a Kickstarter for this project and I'm hoping you'll check it out and give feedback.

We also have a website at

And a Facebook page at


What Is The CoatHook?

The CoatHook is the first-ever undercoat-only pet comb for dogs and cats. It has long tines that reach down deep past the outer guard coat to remove loose, tangled, and matted downy undercoat that can cause discomfort, skin problems, and become smelly. The patent-pending MicroHooks at the ends of the tines remove entangled undercoat without cutting or pulling out healthy attached undercoat and guard coat.

Aren't There About A Million Pet Combs On The Market Already?

Yep, you bet. And some are pretty good at removing outer guard coat and others are effective at cutting out tangles and mats. But most of them cause damage to healthy attached guard coat and undercoat. And then there are hundreds of products that don't do much of anything. The CoatHook works very well on most medium to long double coats. It's specificaly designed for dogs and cats that shed and have a hairy guard coat with a downy undercoat beneath. It does not work well on short bristly coats or on the coats of animals that don't shed, but there are plenty of products available that do.

What Stage Is The Project At?

We applied for a patent in early 2013 and have secured our right to pursue foreign patents through the PCT. We've developed several rounds of prototypes that we have tested and refined. The two latest rounds were 3D printed prototypes like the one in the photo above. We've tested them on dozens of dogs and cats and it works great! We've tested it against all of the leading products in the category and it's the very best for removing detatched undercoat.

We're on the verge of launching a crowd funding campaign to fund the development of a mold and a first production run, which will be manufactured here in Maine.

What Experience Do You Have Bringing Products To Market?

For the past ten years my wife and I have run a full-service boutique marketing firm serving both B2B and B2C clients. We've named companies and products, developed their brand identities and positioning strategies and developed online resources, collateral, and advertising campaigns. Before that I was a hardgoods Product Designer for the 100-year-old outdoor retailer, L.L.Bean. During that time I designed, sourced, and positioned active outdoor products that were sewn, injection molded, machined, laminated, and made from wood. I understand production workflows and processes and have connections to some of the finest manufacturers on the planet.

Why Are You Here?

I've admired Seth's perspectives for years. As a long-time marketer, having completed my formal education in the early 80s, I've been very aware of the death of old-school marketing. Some of my professors were pioneers of early marketing theory at companies like Colgate Palmolive and GE. What they did and taught was impressive in its day but, aside from the basics of marketing theory and human behavior, almost everything they knew and taught about strategies and tactics is obsolete. Seth understands the power of the way people gather and create mass and markets online.

What do You Hope To Get Out Of This?

I'm hoping to learn some things I haven't yet picked on up and test my theories and plans. I also expect I'll learn a lot from my classmates.


What Is Marketing For?

Marketing is to help prospective customers/supporters/fans to find things they'll love, whether they know it or not.

What Are We Allowed To Touch?

Everything. That's why I started my own product company.

What Can We Measure?

• Interest: through online engagement and support

• Sales potential: by reading early interest and engagement during crowd funding phase

• Effectiveness of the product: through feedback from early adopters and testers

What Can We Change?

Anything and everything. We designed the product to be very adaptable and easy to evolve as we scale production.

What Should We Promise?

That The CoatHook will work on pets that other pet combs and brushes aren't effective on.

What Is The Hard part?

Clearly pointing out the unique features and their associated benefits in a very crowded and confusing product category.

Should We Make Trends Or Follow Them?

Make them. The CoatHook looks different from other products because it IS different in almost every way: function, feel, aesthetics, target usage.

Where Is The risk?

In not telling the right story to the right people. And not being awarded a patent (but it's looking good so far).

Who Is In Charge Here?

We are. We know we have an effective and unique product and we just need to tell the right story to the right people at the right time in the right place. Simple.

What Is The Money for?

To develop the product further over time and to create a complete line of pet products that will be the OXO of the pet products world. And as much money as possible will go to support no-kill rescues and shelters.

What's The Most Important Way To Spend My Time?

Listening, learning, leading, and moving the project forward.


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