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The Clown Prince of Crime


So the tools I think im gonna use is a mechanical pencil and some paper.

I still deciding what my subject would be, 

I have a few ideas...

  • Oliver Queen from CW's Arrow- One of my favorite TV shows currently.
  • Dean Winchester from CW's Supernatural- I love his character he is like the older brother I never had haha
  • An anime character? idk too many to choose from haha

Im not sure who to do too many ideas in my head haha.


2 Years later and I had forgotten about this class haha. I decided im gonna do the Clown Prince of Crime The Joker. I doodle him all the time and what the hell he's an awesome character and really fun to draw so why not? Haha! I dont know if anyone still frequents this class but hell im still gonna post stuff even if nobodys gonna see it haha...So HERE WE GO!!!



So these are a couple head sketches...still needs fine tuning and many more sketches but hey its a start haha!


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