The Clothes on Her Back Title Design

The Clothes on Her Back Title Design - student project

In the last few months I have been part of a team producing a short film entitled The Clothes on Her Back. This film is about Tanaya, a 15 year-old girl who is pregnant and homeless. It follows our young protagonist through the mean and often lonely streets of downtown Calgary (Alberta, Canada) where she meets a prostitute who takes Tanaya under her wings. Not wanting the young mother to-be to follow her path, the prostitute helps her leave the streets.

This film takes the audience along Tanaya’s journey as she struggles to find herself and find her way out of her difficult situation. It is a story of determination, support, and also a message of hope as the main character takes positive steps to rebuild her life. The film is a revelation, an opportunity for dialogue and understanding of youth who are considered at-risk. It is for parents, youth and people within the greater community to see that that even within negative situations, there is still the possibility to live a positive future. Most importantly, it conveys a message to not give up on our youth.

I want to design the titile secquence for this film.