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The Clementine is Like a Small Orange

The clementine is basically a small orange–only better. I have one on my desk right now because I'm trying to make more healthy choices. Plus, it's December and fruit options are pretty limited this time of year. 

In spite of my efforts to eat healthy there sits the clementine while the empty box from the chocolates I received as a gift lays in the bottom of my waste basket, lid agape, with four empty paper liners inside of it. I digress.

Back to the tiny orange. To call this miniature fruit an orange is an insult. Despite is small appearance it is far grander, in my eyes, than the famed orange. This less than palm-sized treat is much easier to peel than its baseball-sized counterpart and simpler to maneuver. It's also seedless–thank you science! Additionally, the clementine, in general, tends to be more flavorful and sweet. However, still it sits on my desk with a brownish scar on its side indicating some trauma it endured in its journey to arrive here before me as I empty a carton of 100 calorie yogurt instead.

About that brownish scar… What causes this malformation on the skin of my clementine? Did it grow that way? Did some pest or disease cause it? Was it just the result of a bump or scrape as it hung on the tree or traveled to my grocer's produce department? I can't answer that. I'm a designer not a horticulturalist or farmer. I can, however, remove this imperfection with my Magic Wand, at least digitally. As I rotate the fruit in an effort to remove the abrasion from my view in hopes of a more appealing surface on the other side I can't help but notice this seemingly symmetrical fruit is quite lop-sided. Yes, it is has quite a lean to it. If it were alive, perhaps as some sort of cartoonish character, I can envision it standing in front of me, one hand on its hip, one leg cocked (hence the tilted shape) and tapping it's foot in frustration and exclaiming, "Well... are you just going to leave me sitting here until I shrivel and dry up?" Good question. Probably.

Sadly, in spite of a long laundry list of reasons why I should enjoy this citrusy tiny round globe there is a better than average chance that it will rest here on my desk, a daily companion, until it becomes a dried out, sour, tough to peel shadow of itself. The opposite off all the reasons I first purchased it and brought it home from the store then to work then to rest here with me. But don't despair, inside a wooden Kleenex box sized crate wait about two dozen of this fella's friends just waiting for their chance to come to work and be consumed in lieu of a box of chocolates or a cup of Yoplait. This is still hope for this graphic designer/sugar junkie. And who knows, maybe I'll eat it tomorrow.


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