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The Classic Pig Tale


Dear Sally Sims,

thank you for the email and the interest in my work.

I would really like to illustrate this old classic story, but I hope you can answer few of my questions first.

Do you have something special in mind when you talk about bold colors?

In what format would you like the cover to be?

What is the fee for the interior illustration?

Looking forward hearing from you again Sally,



I decided to work with this sketch and it is here traced and clearer than the first sketch. Below is the other sketch I made. 



//The Cover

I did use all the three pigs and wanted to connect them to the material they used for the houses so I connected that in THE. I wanted to make the pigs as a team of brothers that stand by each other and the wolf trying to find out how to get to them through their houses that they build and this is the outcome.


I really enjoyed this project and taking your class Lisa. I have read your blog and it is one of my favorite.


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