The City Never Sleeps: "Loud"

The City Never Sleeps: "Loud" - student project

My inspiration for this assignment was from the city. I was walking through Union Square in San Francisco, and decided to make that my focus of this project. 

My idea was that there's so much going on in the city from the people, to the taxi drivers, to the music blasting from peoples' cars, to the music blasting out of the night clubs.

The reason why I arranged everything the way I did, I wanted it to be read from top to bottom. You have San Francisco's skyline with the iconic Golden Gate bridge, showing how beautiful the city can be in the day, and as you go down the page, where you see the Dj, to showcase the "underground" entertainment of the night. The circles represent the pulse of the sounds from the city.

Did I succeed? haha, Please let me know what is not clear. Thank you everyone! 

The City Never Sleeps: "Loud" - image 1 - student project

Below is my word web or mind map for this project:

The City Never Sleeps: "Loud" - image 2 - student project