The Citizen

So for this project I wanted to do a character during the victorian era, with some of those beautiful sideburns that they used to have. I wanted to show a normal citizen during that time, maybe the chief of police. 

Here is the sketch

And another with a different style of sideburns, I still need to decide which one I like better 

Inked both versions, with corrections

Sooo here is the next step, which was to set up the values for the face, this was a really fun step, since I love coloring, and seeing the face take a 3D form is always great. Also I used a red to differentiate the hair from the skin

Coloring!! this was really fun, specially doing all the little highlights and bringing life into this character

Yay!! This is the final version, I had a great time going through the process of painting this character, and learned a lot from all the tips and videos. Thank you Hardy for such a great course!! 


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