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The Circuit Judge -2nd draft

Step One: Selecting your text

I chose the poem "The Circuit Judge"  from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. I really liked this poem because it didn't have the backstory of the case. In the poem the Circuit Judge was already dead and doesn't want his headstone destroyed. The Circuit Judge described what he did and then confessed that he put an innocent man to death. He didn't describe who he was as a person and it allowed me to create a story about the character. My favorite part in the poem is the end because he knew that he was wrong and regrets it.

The poem: 

The Circuit Judge
TAKE note, passers-by, of the sharp erosions
Eaten in my head-stone by the wind and rain—
Almost as if an intangible Nemesis or hatred
Were marking scores against me,
But to destroy, and not preserve, my memory.
I in life was the Circuit judge, a maker of notches,
Deciding cases on the points the lawyers scored,
Not on the right of the matter.
O wind and rain, leave my head-stone alone
For worse than the anger of the wronged,
The curses of the poor,
Was to lie speechless, yet with vision clear,
Seeing that even Hod Putt, the murderer,
Hanged by my sentence,
Was innocent in soul compared with me.

Step Two: Screenplay

I edited some of the dialogue and cut some dialouge out that I felt like wasn't needed. I also added some more timelines in the description. I'm not sure if that is the best way, but I added it so there so it made more sense. I changed the meeting with the Judge and his son's friend Chris and made the second courtroom scene longer. Thanks for the feedback everyone it really helped! Please leave more feedback if you find anything wrong.  

Step Three: Logline

A respected judge has to come to terms with his dark past and is put into a dilema when a murder erupts in Spoon River. 


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