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The Chrysalids

Couldn't put this book down when I started reading it. I've always been fascinated with post-apocalyptic work and think this book is a great, classic example. Excited to get to work on it.


Edit 1

Here's my brainstorming page. 

The main themes I picked out are:

- metamorphosis (the idea of chrysalids), the entire novel focuses around a community resistent to change, therefore static vs. change is a huge theme, people are evolving. 

- nuclear holocaust being a catalyst for this change, black sludge left everywhere resulting in radiation sickness

These are my initial sketches:

A little explanation: 

Top left: at the end of the book, the people resistant to change a.k.a. the enemies are covered in a thread like substance and resisting it causes their death

Top right: Playing with the idea of metamorphosis, chrysalids, butterflies? Not in love with this idea, I think it's too light for the subject matter

the Corn idea: The farming community in the book focuses mainly on corn when talking about crops. Mutated corn results in the burning of the entire field as a cleansing method. Maybe mutated corn somehow, perhaps I could make the corn a strange color... I think this idea looks kind of nice visually and I'd be excited to see how I could mutate the corn to really get across that idea of transformation...

The Mutation idea: I kind of like this idea... in the book, there's an area covered in black sludge, implied to be a result of a nuclear bomb. This sludge causes radiation sickness and makes a barren, inhabitable wasteland...

The bomb idea: Not sure if this really translates as a bomb, but it was an interesting idea, so I was wondering if it could work...

I need a bit of help narrowing down my ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts on where I should take this or what ideas I should pursue?



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