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The Christmas Box

"The Christmas Box" by Richard Paul Evans is a story that touches my heart - not only for the story inside the book, but the story behind the book. This "little book that could" started out as a manuscript that was printed at a local copy/print store and hastily bound as a gift for the Evans family. Each member in Richard's family received a copy of the book for Christmas then, after they fell in love with it, these handmade "books" began making the rounds of friends and loved ones who gave them to their friends and loved ones until... at just the right moment... one of those tattered, handmade "books" made it into the hands of someone who knew someone who knew someone who was able to get this little book into the right hands in a publishing company. Soon, this little gift swept across the nation like wildfire, touching hearts everywhere.

That is the kind of effect I want to have on the world. I am inspired by this book and, given that it's a little book with a powerful punch, it's perfect for this project.


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