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Oscar Villalba




The Chosen 9, a Glimpse into a Nomadic Savage

Oscar Villalba 


Brand Manager and Marketing Executive 



The photos I chose are a sum of my current vibes and things I hold very dear to me. If my personality were images this is how it would look like. All photographs have been edited either through photoshop, lightroom and vsco. You can see through the photos how I've progessed in shooting and editing. Progress is everything. 

1. Details Create the Big Picture - As a young entrepreneur looking at this sign you can totally relate to the schizophrenia called business lol. I was on my way to a meeting that could potentially take my business to another level. This is in NYC under the grand central station, I edited the pic with vsco.

2. Nomadic Methods // Captivating Moments - I moved to NYC about a year ago even though I go back and forth to Miami because thats where my family and business is. There's nothing better than NYC in the summer. On this particular day I had a friend visiting me from Vegas and I wanted to show him one of my favorite views of the city. When you walk across the Williamsburg bridge, you see a view that not only inspires you but electrifies you, the hustler spirit moves through the wind here. 

3. The Jack Nicholson -  So recently I've become a father. It's pretty cool and pretty insane. Not much of a father type but I gota tell you this child has done wonders for me. Just like everyone says kids will change you and turn your life upside down but for the better. I didnt know love existed like this, its amazing. Anyways I hate when people constantly post pics of their kids so I try to put funny ones or ones in which she looks terrible or doing something controversial. Isabelle is definitely an essential aspect of my life now and I get so much inspiration from her. I wasn't going to post this and put up a picture of an architecture instead but this speaks volumes of who I am and only found it appropiate. 

4.  I cross out words so you will see them more; the fact they are obscured makes you want to read them - Basquiat. I love this shot for several particular reasons. I love thats its mixed with fashion and art, probably my two favorite things besides traveling. I love that I came out blurred and it goes perfect with the quote from one of the greatest ever that ever lived. Drunk nights in brooklyn will never be forgotten. This was shot with a canon 6d with a 50 mm lense. It was really dark so the image is not as sharp but I feel it adds to the entire aesthetics of the shot.

5. Main Focal Point - This shot was taken on our first family roadtrip. We drove from NYC to Florida and we decided to stop by in Georgia to check out the largest aquarium in the world. I love how you get lost in the blue of it all. My main subjects were of course my family and then the giant whale shark photobombed us lol. I love that they are a silhuette but still the most important part of it all. I edited this on lightroom to darken the girls up. Really fun day. 

6. Somewhere between emotional and emotionless... - The last year and a half has been an interesting time in my life. So much growth, setbacks, obstacles, adventures and new and mixed feelings about everyhting. New city, a baby, business directions heading into different directions at 400 mph. It's insane how life unfolds but its all about how you deal with it. Overall it has been a great experience but sometimes you truly don't know how to feel... 

I caught this vibe back home, I miss home every once in awhile. I miss the warmth of it, i miss the idea of what home should be and what is was like. 

7. The Mistress - There's something about basketball that just puts me in the greatest of moods. If you're ever in NY you must go shoot at brooklyn bridge park. Its an outdoor basketball park with the greatest view of the financial district of NYC. The skies literally looked like this that day i just added a bit of saturation to really bring out the pink hues. I also darken up the shadows. I'm a big fan of silhuette, it leaves you guessing about the subject. 

8. Big Bear Lake - This was taken at my buddies place on a trip back home. I was soon to be a father and being in this moment was very nostalgic. It took me back to a time where things were much simpler, things were much more innocent and wild at the same time. Purgatory if you must... 

Death was waiting in the middle of the lake but I wasn't ready to cross over, to much to achieve, I remember the lilypads were huge and their roots so well grounded. 

9. Study the Greats and Become Greater - This was shot in Wynwood, Miami. To conclude the project I chose this image because its what I strive to do everyday, become greater. To me that's the only reason to live,  to become better in everyway possible. Its a constant struggle and thats the beauty behind it. This is an image of a samurai on the wall and even though they are technically exstinct they left behind a legacy that will last forever and there's so much to learn from that. Everyhting about this is incredible, this was shot with an iphone 5. I love the shadows, colors the warmth around the image. I like how we are staring at each other, he is ready to attack but i'm not faced by it, and thats exactly how I feel about life right now. 

This has been a pretty refreshing assignment because it gives you a moment to step back and take a look at your actual work and the meaning behind it, it became alot deeper than just building an instagram account but truly define the person you want to represent. 

I would like to congratulate everyone for an amazing job and Gareth for the education and opportunity. 


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