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The Charlesworth Family

My last name is Charlesworth and I’ve always felt like I hit the lottery as far as fancy sounding last names go. While I may not have a butler, a Rolls Royce or even a jar of Grey Poupon, I felt like my family crest has to match the level of nobility implied by my loooooong surname.

With that in mind I did a little sketching (right below my grocery list, of course) to play with different elements of my idea. After goofing around with my sketch, I landed on a few icons I wanted to include:

Crimson Tide

My dad is an alumnus of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and there are few things more closely tied to my childhood memories than rolling with the family up to Tuscaloosa to cheer for our beloved Bama.

Fleur de Lis

A few years ago, I made Louisiana my home after chasing a pretty New Orleans girl down here. Now that I’m married to said New Orleans girl, I felt like there was no way I could create a family crest without including a little fleur de lis for the Big Easy.


My Nanna was the first member of my mom’s family born in the US of A after her parents migrated from Sweden. My mom’s roots play a big role in our holidays, birthdays and family breakfasts (Swedish pancakes, anyone?!) so I wanted to give a little nod to Nanna. I chose to go with “skål!” which is basically Swedish for “cheers!”

With my mind made up, it was time to start building out my icons.

After nquickly building the symbols that would represent the Charlesworth Clan, I framed out the shield and typed my name all fancy and stuff.

I narrowed down my chooses and was feeling pretty good about the old Charlesworth crest. Then, to top it off I added a hat tip to my dad’s love of dessert and included the latin phrase “Semper Edenda” meaning “Always eat dessert.”

I’m still deciding on little things like including a stroke on the outside and whether or not to add a beer mug, but I’m nearing the finish line here. Super fun project. Would love to hear some thoughts on my crest thus far.

Final Design

Came back in and decided to pull a TDM (Total Draplin Move) and thicken some of those lines up a bit. I think I'm feeling pretty good about this final product.


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