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Lindsey Summers

Writer, Wattpad



The Cell Phone Swap Character Study

Name: James Talon Harrington IV

  • "JT" - to friends and family
  • Talon - to Grandpa and Keeley


  • Blue eyes (electric, vibrant)
  • 6'2, has muscles but not too much (more sleek than stocky)
  • Blonde hair (straight, short but a little longer on top)
  • Nose a little crooked like it was broken a couple times


  • uses arrogance as defense mechanism
  • caring (ex: eats Mom's food even though it's horrible)
  • doesn't let a lot of people close but when he does he's loyal
  • over-the-top at times


  • Loves Peeps (Grandpa introduced them to him) - has some with him wherever he goes
  • fidgets when he's nervous


  • Lived in Texas and then moved to California
  • Close to Grandfather but he died
  • didn't have a lot of friends when he was younger so when he did get friends in high school he doesn't want to do anything to lose them
  • only child
  • Resents Dad who pushes him into football
  • Mom embarrasses him all the time


  • Emotions tend to rule him
  • Doesn't think before acting
  • Selfish

Internal Conflict:

  • likes Keeley who is twin to Zach (his arch rival in football)
  • doesn't know whether or not to tell Keeley about Claire


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