Lizbeth Pal

Associate Strategist at Jack Morton



The Cayala Illusion

Crime resides in a man and man resides in Cayala City.


While the Guatemalan government provides free education for 6 years, families cannot afford the rising costs of school uniforms, supplies and transportation. Instead of a classroom, children will learn from the streets and educated through the system of crime.

There are 52 murders per 100, 000 persons in Guatemala, in comparison to 1 murder per 100, 000 in the UK, and 4 murders per 100, 000 in the US. Because of the volatile environment, Paseo Cayala was born.

Paseo Calaya is a new development in Guatemala for the country’s elite, where the cheapest apartments are 70 times more than the average Guatemalan wage. Built to escape the snarl of crime, it is projected to be a safe haven oasis within a troubled city.

A world that escapes the reality beyond its stucco walls, Cayala might prove to be a fool’s paradise. But a rich fool’s paradise.


Residents of Paseo Cayala fear the crime in Guatemala and have escaped to the oasis. 


Help keep Paseo Cayala the illusion it is.

Donate to the education of a child  with a pencil, not a handgun, and safeguard the future of Paseo Cayala.


Ideas for The Cayala Illusion

  • Cayala 2023: Create a bogus fundraising campaign for the development of Guatemalan gangs creating their own Cayala by 2023 (these are the children of today)
  • Trade the Cayala Library for a combat training facilitiy- vote YES for destroying the library and providing kids real life skills
  • Hiring for Cayala Drug Mule:Help children earn a living in Guatemala's strongest trade
  • Foudnation for Protective Arms would be a bogus foudnation that is raising money for fire arrs for children

These ideas are meant to outrage the Cayala residents and prompt them to rethink what they can do to prevent such things from happening. This is where the fundraising will begin -donate to the education of a child with a pencil, not a hand gun, and safeguard the future of Paseo Cayala. 

How the Fundraising Will Work?

According to research by Jane Taylor, Caroline Webb, Daniel Cameron (2007), 'Cahritable Giving by Wealthy People' there are 5 types of charitable giving groups. 

Who are they?

Large Committed Donor

Often driven by an innate altruistic or philanthropic nature, often founded in faith or religious beliefs

Large Ad Hoc

Respond to requests for donations, in an unplanned manner, key drivers of giving include links with charities via families or friends

Small Committed Donors

Give on a regular basis, small orders, personal financial commitments like mortgages payment were cited as barriers to making larger charitable donations.

Infrequent donors

Occasional givers, through sponsorships or door to door collections, reluctant to divulge the value of their donations

Non donors

Prefer not to give monetary donations to charity might do volunteer work, cynical about giving.

Across all groups, stand out characteristics were:

  • Having control over the distribution of their donations
  • Desire to see the impact of their contribution
  • Substantiation of the 'worthiness of the cause'
  • Prefer to give to small school charities
  • Social currency that they have given eg. becoming benaficiaries of the charity

For the purpose of this project we will be focusing on:

  • Large Ad Hoc Donors
  • Large Committed Donors
  • Small Committed Donors



By targeting the fear that the Paseo Cayala residents and investors had paid to avoid, it prompts them to revaluate the distribution of funds.

It’s not just about building your safe house to escape crime, but it is also about doing what you can to fund against the growth of crime.

The campaign is about about gaining momentum about the outrage and target Cayala residents and investors to donate.

Logline: Create a recruitment campaign for child street soldiers to protect Cayala –the ‘Cayala Child Soldiers’

For 3 months each month we will be creating bogus campaigns that will feature direct marketing such as business cards, flyers, magazines, posters and social media.

Each piece of collateral will feature a disclaimer at the bottom with a link to PoP eg. ‘Don’t like this idea? Take it up with PoP and make a difference’ However this will be very faint as the big reveal will be executed in Month 4. 


Month 1: Turn the Cayala Library to into a soldier playground

Take the Book Burning Party as an example


  • Who needs books when kids need to learn about combat


  • Posters promoting a protest to change the library into a street fighting stimulation –how to survive with army like combat skills
  • Business cards of ‘Cayala Child Soldiers’ with contact details to PoP
  • Magazines of graphic pictures with children involved with crime in Guatemala
  • Social media: Facebook page of Cayala Child Soldiers, this page will be used toeducate people on the life expectancy of child soldiers

Month 2: Get fit to become Cayala’s next Drug Mule


  • You don’t need a degree to earn money, get into the drug trade!


  • Posters promoting the career choice in drug trade
  • Business cards of ‘Cayala Child Soldiers’ with contact details to PoP
  • Magazines with how a drug mule starts from the bottom to become powerful, however also showing the violence involved in the lifestyle

Month 3: Firearm courses for the failing students


  • Encouraging students who fall behind to pick up firearms instead


  • Posters around the streets and route to schools that offer children firearm education
  • Business cards of ‘Cayala Child Soldiers’ with contact details to PoP
  • Magazines with graphic pictures of children learning to use fire arms, machetes and other weapons
  • Social media; Facebook page of Cayala Child Solders, this page will show the appreciation of children who are falling behind in school and entice them to feel better by learning to use a firearm 

Month 4 -6: Keep Cayala Safe and Fund Against the Growth of Crime 

The big reveal will include  a redistribution of all collateral, except with a big red stop sign stating ‘Fund the Safety of Cayala.’ All pieces of collateral will feature this sign and will drive to the PoP website.

Once they reach to the PoP website they can choose how to give and how much they want to invest into the cause of child education.

Tier 1:

  • Personally fund a school and have the school and foundation after you
  • Receive regular updates on how your funds are being distributed for the school with success stories of children
  • You will also be founding partners of the Cayala Education Foundation that will be established in your names
  • This will target the Large Committed Donor

Tier 2

  • Go in with a partner to fund a school, and have you and your partner with a foundation named after you both
  • Give to the existing schools we are working with and receive regular updates on how your finds are being distributed for the school with success stories of children
  • This will target the Large Adhoc Donor

Tier 3

  • Choose an existing school that works with PoP to promote education
  • This will target the Small Committed Donors


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