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Juan Pre

Engineer/ Producer/ Photographer/ Graphic Designer



--The Cave--

When i first begin my home studio I made the common assumption many others make. Thinking that by covering the whole space, I would have a better sound representation. So what did i do? Yes, you guessed right. I took everything out of my closet and covered it all up with foam. haha. After this skillshare class and seeing Mr. Guru himself at the UNMASTERCLASS in LA, turns out you're actually paying way more money for a less effective job. I was wrong this whole time. 

I took off all the foam and put my little futon there instead to make more room. I use to have a bigger queen sized bed but i gave it away to make this room how it is right now. Got to make some sacrifices sometimes you know lol


You can see the marks of the left over foam


The corners where the left & right speakers point. All its missing are the bass traps. (Currently saving up for it) :






-Pair of HS80m Monitors

-M-Audio 88Keystation 

-Akai MPK mini

-M-Audio Fast Track Soundcard

-Pro Tools 11 & Logic Pro X as my DAWs

-Cyberpower surge protector

- WD 1TB External portable drive

-15' Macbook Pro Retna


The speakers arn't aligned at the moment. I'm getting a pair of monitor Isolation pads this month. I will align them downwards once i get them.


Board where all my goals get written down:



"An expensive mic means nothing if it's not connected to a quality converter." Guru really opened my mind on that one.

Here's an artist I engineered. Since I don't own a microphone at the moment (saving up all my money for the Apollo Twin DUO) i record at a friends house using a rented Telefunken ak47. All the mixing and other work is done here using Pro Tools as my DAW for mixing and Logic Pro X for producing.


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