The Cave

The Cave - student project

Hey guys!  Bear in mind I am blind (legally.  Got a disorder that makes my eyes pyramid shaped instead of an egg...), and I have not done any graphic artwork since... well, 10ish years ago, really.


Anyhow, I wanted to get back into it for stress relief and to see what I could do, since I have ways to bring my monitor to within inches of my face.


This is my first real go with my new tablet.  I USED to have a Wacom Intuos 3, but it finally died after about 12 years worth of hard use.


Sp. here is the sketch I started out with.


The Cave - image 1 - student project



And here is the final product.  Had to call it done before I tossed my monitor out the window lol


I hand-painted the blades of grass in one at a time for the foreground, but used Hardy's brush to get some of the more distant ones in.  Not TOTALLY satisfied with the rocks in the mid-ground, but considering they're my first attempts at rocks, and the color scheme on this one was a bit odd-ball, I don't think they turned out too horridly.


Anyhow, thanks for the lessons here, Hardy!  They were great, and I'm already taking some of your other courses here.

The Cave - image 2 - student project