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The Cat's Meow

If I didn't control myself, I could easily decorate my entire apartment with cat art. So, I briefly considered drawing a more "exotic" animal, but just couldn't resist the cat! 

I started out reading up on the history of cats and writing out some words. I also looked up cat idioms and ended up choosing "you're the cat's meow."

(sorry, not sure why my photos uploaded sideways!)


Because of that cat's royal status in ancient Egypt, I contemplated going with an Egyptian theme. That isn't really my style though, and I was more drawn to the history of the phrase I was using, which is from the 1920s. However, I also didn't want to go overly "Gatsby" themed since that has become so abundantly used in design recently. 

I played around with some different designs, and for awhile I thought I'd use the cat's tail to form the C in cat. The egyptian symbols spell out "cats." I also played around with a "yarn" look for some of the words.





My final design, however, went with a more 1920's style for the lettering. My cat has some curls, two strands of pearl necklace, and a feather. 


I used a 1920s image from Pinterest for color inspiration and really liked the teal green together with the orange. I really liked my pencil sketch, but feel like I lost something when I made the final digital version. It seemed like there was a lot of unused empty space that I didn't know what to do with, and the cat - maybe she's too small but something there isn't working for me either. Overall, I'm really happy with the top half and learned so much in Photoshop during this project!



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