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The Cat Bag


Getting the concept and mind mapping on paper. Considered going the abstract meaning route with a couple of them, but stubbornly felt attached to the first instinct I suppose, although I do like the idea of a catpack. Maybe I will explore that or the Cat in the Box concept when I get the correct tools (explain later).


Rough, enlarged sketch of confirmed concept.


Prior to deconstruction. Couldn't quite get the script how I wanted it considering each word had similar characters, the consistency was off so I just used some type I had and used the simplify path option in Illustrator to make them a little imperfect but not try to completely pass it off as hand created type. Was a bummer, albeit a timesaver.



Unfortunately the colorless blender pen that the local craft store (Prismacolor Premier) did not transfer anything at all, so I had to resort to an alternate version of creating texture which was a serious bummer, but it will give me a reason to try another one of my concepts once I order the Chartpak one online. In the interest of getting this up today (no reason why I had to, just wanted to), I just used an adhesive lint roller and ran across the paper in different directions and at different angles. Definitely started to crinkle the paper and create more folds and less texture than desired or shown in the example, but once again, that can be accomplished another day.


After restoring the color in the desired areas, I touched it up a bit with a little warp because this isn't Garfield we are talking about. The use of a chip or small food bag was definitely inspired by Burton's extensive use of food items in his work. I figured if we are all going to mimic his illustration style why not add another plagaristic item to the list. Overall a fun little jim jam, and if some of my linework looks a little cleaner, it is because that, too was created with some typical line work, warping, path simplifying to at least inject some personal flair into the style and not have my project look like a direct stab at Mikey's style, even if it is just an exercise. I do have a blob version as well (not finished, obviously), it just didn't look right to me so I tried to make it messy enough but not too far.

Thanks again for the level of transparency and simplification in explaining your process. I love how you developed your own unique style while taking lunch breaks at Five Guys and now Time and Playboy pay you to do it for them. Trailblazer.


Edit 8/5/15: Got my paws on a Chartpak blender. Since I had extra printouts of the first layout, I did a quick alternate version with the texturized technique from the lessons.



So like I stated above I was able to gert my hands on a Chartpak Blender tool and decided to put together an alternate idiom illustration. Mikey said he was amused by the sleeping bag one, so I decided to do that one. Instead of Let The Cat Out Of The Bag idiom, I decided to just swap this one over to Doggy Bag. Not sure where, really, but it admittedly did kind of wind up looking more like a bear than a dog, and the type treatment definitely blends in a little more than I would like, but I can always re-do it if it sticks in my head. The process is pretty much identical to last time so I will spare those images but if anyone would like to see them for one reason or another I will definitely edit the post to include them.





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