The Casual Vacancy (casual and vacant suddenly sound like REALLY bad words for a new project...)

December 2, 2013

Well, here I am, like the rest of you have been, at the beginning of a new type of project. Excited? Yes. Petrified? Yes.

I've always been keen on different types of handwriting (teachers used to question the authenticity of my homework on days when I was trying out a new style!). And I just love to see the way a word will form as the ink hits the paper and creates a new piece of art - even if it's only a one letter word. The joy of seeing a perfect 'g' flow from the nib of a pen, or an 'e' or an 'f'. 'K's' and 'Z's' are particular favourites...

But now for something new. Drawing and then digitising. I do this a lot at work (I'm a graphic designer who doodles) so I'm often illustrating via my pen and tablet but I've never ventured into the lettering side of things, and I'm excited to get my hand held by the amazing Jessica Hische!

I know we're supposed to pick a book we love but I never get time to read (ok, I never make time to read) so I've picked something new. 'The Casual Vacancy' by JK Rowling.

Only a few pages in so far but it's already drawing me in and I'm enjoying experiencing a book on a different level to usual, by thinking about it from the point of view of expressing it through my drop cap. Note-taking has started in earnest and I shall continue to read and take notes for as long as I can muster, before succumbing to the sketching! 


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