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The Cast of Cheers

I love both music and movies (who doesn't?). I do play in a band however so I think I have to go down that route for this project.

The Cast of Cheers is the name of the band that I play with. I've decided to build my landing page for the band as I already have tons of photos, videos and general press content at my fingertips.

I am currently studying UX and design and this could be a great way to get the band to actually have a decent looking page for once!

The Cast of Cheers Landing Page

Content Outline:

- Navigation

- Introduction

  • Band Logo
  • Latest Release Image
  • Current Status & Location (recording, on tour, rehearsing etc.

- Information

  • Tour Dates
  • Biography
  • Blog

- Media

  • Official Videos
  • Album Stream (with links to buy in iTunes)
  • Photo Gallery (live, promo, bands own imagery)

- Store

  • Links to buy music online
  • Physical copies of records
  • T-shirts

- Social 

  • Links to bands FB, Twitter and Bandcamp profiles.

- Footer


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