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The Carousel

Carousel Story ( 452 words) DRAFT 5

Spread 1

Early each morning the carousel is switched on to check each animal works well.

Clementine rode smoothly,

Claude glided proudly, and

Beatrix floated by as if sleeping on a cloud, but

Spread 2

poor Sebastian

CRAACKED, SQUEAKED and CLUNKED as he went around.

The carousel monitor pointed at Sebastian sternly “Take him away”!


Spread 3

The animals were stunned, no animal had ever  been taken away!

Two large men unsaddled Sebastian off his pole, flung him into a truck and drove away.


Spread 4


“We have to find where they took Sebastian” declared Clementine

“We’ll need to get off these poles first” stated Claude scornfully.

(moon lights up carousel animals)


Spread 5


“Our poles don’t go all the way through us, do they?

Their just attached to our saddles”, noted Beatrix thoughtfully

“You’re right, you’ve got it” wriggled Clementine with excitement.


Spread 6

Clementine started wriggling and twisting more and more, and with each wriggle she stretched her head back as far as it would go.

And then, she had it, she had Claude’s buckle strap in between her teeth. She pulled it higher and higher until the pin


Spread 7

POPPPED out of the buckle.

Free from their saddles, they tiptoed into the open air without a CLICK or a CLACK.


Spread 8

They strode past cities, forests, rivers and mountains, yet Sebastian was nowhere to be found.

“Maybe we’ll never find him” Beatrix despaired.

“Wood chips, look colored wood chips” cried Max as he sped off following their trail.

Spread 9

With a skip, a hop and a jump they followed the trail through a ROARING ravine to a lonesome warehouse.

Closer and closer, soon their noses pressed against the window pane, and what did they see?


Spread 10

A terrible spinning machine was standing by to turn Sebastian into tiny wood chips.

Scanning the horror, Clementine noticed a familiar


Spread 11

large red button.

(a light bulb is shown above her head in the illustration, she knows the button is a universal emergency stop button)

Without hesitation, Clementine charged at the button and WHAAACKED it with all her might.

Spread 12

The spinning came to a dead stop!

Sebastian cried as he opened his eyes to see his friends, whilst the others chewed on the ropes that fell to the floor with a great FLUMPPPPPFFFF!


Spread 13

Sebastian was free at last, but he was so creaky and broken he had not energy to move.

Their was only one thing left for the animals to do, and they had to do it before morning!


Spread 14

With wood filler, metal pins, paint and varnish they worked throughout the night to mend Sebastian and make him as good as new.

When they were done, they helped him up and helped him to practice flexing his joints.


Spread 15

Soon Sebastian was walking,



and galloping


Spread 16

to the placed they all called home, the carousel.


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