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The Caribbean Affair

Ok so i used to play with Illustrator because of the fact that you can scale to infinity and still keep the pristine resolution. Like most of us i'd go to youtube and copy every move the tutorial would suggest and i would end up with amazing images that i had no idea how to reproduce.

Being a long time photoshop user, time being what it is, I lost the little knowledge i had of Illustrator and it became more and more intimidating to return to it.

So here i am today... I have this business project i started with Photoshop that i need to be scalable and i want to come back to master Illustrator once and 'this time' for all.


I went on Google to find the same ad the course portrayed and i found it quickly. Entered 'fly pia boieng' and Google suggested me 'fly pia boieng 707 to geneva'.

Looks like i'm not the first one to search for it here!

So i watched the first lesson videos and has i was about to start my composition i checked out the projects of the other students. Some images were amazing. Truly. And it was nice to read that most of them we're like me. Knew a little about Illustrator but were 'scared' of the beast. And still, they tried to replicated intimidating art and what they produced was quite impressive.

So here i am. The image i chose... I don't know how i will do... but i know that whatever i do, great or bad, i'll learn a great amount of things while i do. And the fact that Brad shows us what the tools can do instead of making us copy what he does makes things complicated but it makes us really think about how to achieve something with the given tools! It's the way to learn.


So here's where i am after about an hour in. I started with some balconies and the building on the right. Both we're tricky for different reason. The balconies we're tricky due to the fact that the details were mostly blurried due to pixelation when i zoomed in. I also wanted to keep the imperfect nature of the perspective in the image so i didn't follow the suggestive lines Illustrator 2014 CC kept on showing me.

The buildings too do not have perfect perspective but this was a minor problem. The major issue: At first i wanted to treat each face of the building as a unique part so that i could edit them one by one after.

I started and after a while i decided to treat the building as one block and edit the part of the block that would need editing after. I think this is faster and a more efficient way of working! We'll see.

Off to sleep... Can't wait to continue this project tomorrow God willing!


Waooowww here is where i am after fiddling with the building on the right. I finished it!!! i learn so much... it's incredible. Choosing a demanding image is so rewarding. Tedious work but i'm starting to figure, after multiples trial and errors, how to:

  • organize the layers in Illustrator
  • how to use clipping masks in different situations
  • when to use the different tools
  • how to use the different tools

So here! ( i'm extatic about this project! )

I can't believe i'm the one doing this. The flowers... They scared me because i didn't know how i would do to create them but that blob tool is God sent! It's so cool to zoom in, blob around a little, see that it doesn't look good, zoom out and watch beautiful art being born!

Done for today! Tomorrow i'm off (gotta live too lolll) but i'm impatient to return and attack the remaining part of the ad! Ciao!


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