The Cardinal Book Co.

March 1st

Before starting Spencer's class I had been working on the logo above for my senior BFA branding project, The Cardinal Book Company. I was pretty happy with it but it didn't really feel finished. For this class I would like to create a mongram and logotype for this company.


I already prefer this version of my monogram. I really like the outlined letters but the ornamentation inside the "C" doesn't feel resolved. I'm taking a break from this for a while but would love to hear what you think!


March 2nd

I've made a few more alterations by increasing the stroke, adding a clipping mask to the B and changing the corners on the serifs. Do the C's serifs need anything?


March 2nd (continued)


September 24th

I never got around to posting the final monogram. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Here's what I applied the monogram to! I branded a publishing company and designed roughly 14 books for my BFA show last April, I also hand bound all these books because there's nothing greater than bookbinding. **Self-promo warning** here's my website if you want to see the finished books and my unfiltered vomit of work: heysophia.com

This class was so helpful and I keep referencing the lessons for illustrator tips and tricks. Thank you, Spencer!!!!!


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