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The Callow

Hey Guys (+Gals), my name is Will Dean, I'm 16 and from Wales (UK).

Firstly, if I could only tell you two things about myself they would be that I am a creative thinker who hates conforming. Ok, so 'The Callow', I know it sounds dark but broken down it means 'The Young and Inexperienced' which is exactly what I am. 

I actually started the brand 3/4 years ago when I was 12 years old but at the time it was called 'Cuttin Edge Clothing' a name that looking back I hate, but of course my taste is meant to change from 12 to 16. The brands roots were planted firmly in a culture that I know, love and participate in, the skate or scooter culture to be precise. Scooter riding was and still is my recreation, over the years I develeped a network of friends who travel around the UK riding our scooters. In the skateboard world I noticed that groups of friends or 'crews' had something that represented them, whether it be a name or a logo. I saw this as an opportunity to make some 'pocket money'. So me and my sister played around on photoshop for a few hours and came up with a logo. It is a gothic c and we added what ended up looking like a cross. It had no deep meaning behind it but as an image it was quite powerful and made people ask 'what's that?'. I then proceded to order plain baseball styled shirts, linked up with a local printer and made a few runs of the shirt. I also had stickers made in the same place. Before spending my not so hard earned compounded food allowance, I did all the math to make sure I would be making money. I had a grand plan where I would create a 'team' of all my friends (who were some of the UK's most promising riders) give them free product and inturn people would see them wearing it and then want it themselves. This was a good marketing idea which came way before I undertood the word marketing, I did it because it was what all the brands I looked up to did. 

I would sell them on a face to face basis and cash only. I would go to a skatepark with my friends and talk people there into buying t-shirts, beanies and if they couldn't afford them I would sell them plenty of stickers (stickers are a surprising earner). 

I had frustrations with the brand because I wanted my clothes to be what I now know to be cut and sew where it isnt just a fruit of the look tee. I wanted people to love the quality because then they will happily pay more. I had clear visions in my head for what I wanted the brand to be but kept on telling myself excuses like ' I dont know how to make a website, I dont have a factory' looking back it wasnt a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefullness on my part. So at around 13/14 I stopped the brand because of these frustrations but also at tha age developing other priorities.

So 2 years later here I am. Going for it again but this time with a clear vision and plan.

I decided to start it up again when remenissing with a friend about 'the good old days', one thing I was certain of was that I had to change the name. So after a couple of days I found the word 'callow' meaning young and inexperienced. I thought 'THATS THE ONE'. Today my audience is not only the scooter crowd, I aim to capture the whole skate and artistic section of streetwear. What is really important to me and 'The Callow' as a group of mates is that we make stuff that we love to wear, then if it sells thats a bonus. I am still using the same logo from back in the day because everyone recognises it, I use it mainly on beanies. I also created the b code logo which is my cover photo. It is just a new way of people linking the people and product to a brand. I once again have a clear vision where I want to take it, it's just building it correct and letting it grow naturally.

I entered this firstly because Jeff is an idol of mine, and for my brand to be sold in his store would be the craziest thing. I love the concept of uniting people who are like minded and embarking on the same journey in this format. I look forward to seeing what other people are up to and chatting to them.

The Callow is so much more then a brand, it is a by product of teenagers doing what they love, and we aim to enable individuality. When you see the logo, know that the person wearing it is comfortable with who they are and is apart of an ever growing community. 

If you have any questions, advice or just comment I would love to hear them and start getting to know new people. 

Much Sucess 

Will :)


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