The Cactus Friends

These are the three cactus friends. Me and my husband bought them about six years ago from Ikea and it's amazing that they are still living (given their owners). Officially, this isn't showvasing any product, however, the items I was going to show turned out far less attractive.

I am a complete begginer, so the only equiptment that I have is my Canom Rebel T3. I shot using natural light, a white paper background, and my camera steadied on a water glass and my nightstand as a makeshift tripod (I wish I was kidding about that). Since I have no lights I had to use natural light. For awhile I was having quite a bit of difficulty. I would finally decide on just the right settings (I'm pretty slow) and then the lighting would change due to cloud cover and sunlight. Also, I was having a problem with my windowpanes reflecting onto where I needed the light. Did anybody else have similar problems?

Here's what I mean. 

This was my favorite photo, pre-photoshop. I'm pretty happy with it, but as you can see my light was a bit uneven leaving the bottom right much lighter than the top left. 

 Here it is after a little photosgop loving. 

I have been interested in photography for a long time, but I am just now starting to try my hand. Any feedback would be extreamly helpful ---  and don't worry, I have thick skin. 


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