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The CTRL, ALT, Z Chronicles, Book 1: Be patient and tough, because one day this pain will be useful to you.


I think the universe was laughing at me as I was completing this class.  CTRL, ALT, Z is my new best friend.  Also, the eraser tool and I have grown quite fond of each other on this project. I only use Photoshop (actually I typically use GIMP - can't justify the cost of Photoshop) for stuff I can't do in Illustrator so everything felt very awkward during this class but I know that eventually Photoshop will become second nature if I keep up trying to master it. 

Despite suffering from growing pains, this class was great.  I learned tons of techniques such as making and using brushes, making and using patterns, drawing in Photoshop (which is much easier with a Wacom tablet - I am thankful I have one). 

I would like to know if there is an easier way to change things without pushing CTRL, ALT, Z a million times to go back or using a giant eraser to rub it all away...   Also, I would like to know if there is a way to change the color on things after the fact.

I also learned to SAVE MY WORK AS I GO!  I know to do this but for some reason, I went through the entire class and BAM! Photoshop froze up and closed itself.  I lost everything and had to start over because I was a giant ding dong and forgot to save my work (duh!).  After I got done kicking myself, I started to console myself with the thought that I am now VERY familiar with the Photoshop techniques used in class because I had to do them twice.  Nothing like a good dose of useful pain.


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