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The Bus Stop

This is my idea for a short animation with no dialogues.

-The scene opens up at a bus stop with two sides separated by a glass. 

-A girl is standing and waiting at one side.

-A boy walks to the bus stop and stops at the other side of the glass.

-He turns around and faces the girls back.

-The girl notices and turns to take a peek. She quickly looks away again.

-The guy smiles and appears to do some actions to try to get the girl to notice him.

-At first the girl was irritated.

-Finally, after many actions, the girl finally chuckles and turns to look at him.

-The scene then turns around to show the guy's perspective.

-He was standing in front of a mirror, vainly checking how he looked.

-The glass between the bus stop turns out to be a one-sided mirror.

-The scene fades to black.


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