The Bus Ride

This story takes place during my trip to work one day.  It happened on a sunny warm Friday morning after I had just come up from taking the orange line subway to the Cote Vertu station. I exited the subway and took the escalator up towards the street level where I waited for the bus (144) to come which would take me to Begin street and my office. As I waited for the bus to come several other people started joining the same line behind me. When the bus did show up the driver stopped the bus and opened the door. I then boarded the bus and walked up the stairs, flashed my card on the ticket counter and took a seat at the back of the bus in  one of the blue seats that line the sides of the bus along with a few other people who sat facing each other. 

Just before the last passenger came on and took his seat a very attractive young lady came on board and took a seat right across from me. I glanced at her merely to notice her. She had shoulder length black hair,glasses,and brown eyes. She was wearing a brown leather jacket, a white blouse, a short black skirt that showed off her long legs which were hidden behind nude pantyhose. To complete her ensemble she was wearing black flat shoes and she carried a black shoulder strap handbag. As the bus finally pulled away from the station I found it hard not to stare at the young lady sitting right across from me. She was pretty and she smiled at me every now and again when she caught me staring at her legs. Which she kept crossing every few minutes and when she did I felt a certain pang for her because I kept seeing the ve and liner of her flowery panties. This made my cock grow ever harder for her. She just smiled at me as she continued to cross and uncross her legs. I felt lucky because I was sure I was the only one on the bus who could see under her skirt.

I looked away from her for only a moment to see where the bus had stopped  and noticed that we had stopped to let someone off at the shopping mall. As I looked back to her I found that she had uncrossed her legs and opened them casually to show me the front of her panties. This made me even more hard for her. If only we were not on the bus I would have taken her in arms and licked her pussy right there in her seat. She may have looked like a working woman but she knew she how to work her legs when it came to people.especially men. As the bus neared my stop I took one last look at her and her long legs and felt sorry I could not follow her to her stop and maybe her office. So that we could have been alone together. But that was not to be. I glanced back at her and stared at her panties one last time before the bus neared my stop. I then got up and stood ready to depart the bus at the back door.  I rang the bell to let the driver know that my stop was coming up. as the bus slowed to my stop I turned and said goodbye to the young lady I never had a name for. But only a memory of. She smiled and told me goodbye as the bus stopped and the driver opened the rear doors as I proceeded out of the bus. As I stepped off the bus it pulled away and I never saw this one time lady again but I will always remember her long pantyhose legs as one of my everlasting and favorite bus ride memories.