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The Bunny

Day One: 7.18.13

I've been playing with Illustrator lately and want to learn how to actually use all the tools. There are sooooo many, it can become overwhelming! My roommate is a graphic designer and she's always offering to teach me more, but after working on the programs all day, I feel bad making her go through the basics with me. (boring!!) So, I found out about skill share through FB and thought I'd take advantage! I love the work Brad has on his site and thought he'd be an interesting teacher.

After trolling through a bunch of print ads I thought I'd go with this cute little bunny. I've recently been asked to illustrate a childrens book, and have a book idea of my own, so I wanted to choose something that had a cartoon/childish feel to it.

Here's the bunny:

I thought about using these bugs but it seemed just a bit too ambitious for this course. I'll show you them anyway just cause they're awesome:

Here it goes! I'm going to start now! Wish me luck!

Day One Part 2:

I learned a ton of little tricks in the first series of videos that I didn't know before! One thing that doesn't always seem to work perfectly for me is moving the shapes to the front. I hit command and [ or ] but it doesn't always come to the front. Am I doing something wrong? and which one is the front?

Another thing I noticed in my project is that there are a ton of different pieces to make. Is this ordinary? Or am I missing something?

Here's The Bunny so far! He's far from finished, but i like the way he looks! I can't wait till he's finished!

Day Two: 7.19.13

Sorry about that big space under the bunny! He saved pretty big.

Day 2 went even smoother than day 1! Everything is just that much easier and that much quicker. I've figured out little tricks of my own. I love that blob brush and I love the shape builder tool! So handy. Thanks Brad for pointing them out!

Here's the bunny all laid out! I love him. I decided I'm not going to do the bottle or those little people on the bottom.

Now to learn how to bring him to life with all those little details!

Day Three: 7.22.13

So I went a little crazy with all of the tricks and skills Brad taught us in the second part of this class. Before I really started messing with the textures I messed with the gradients. It made a huge difference just adding those little changes in color. Then I started using textures. I can't believe it worked just like he said it would! haha! I was really pleased with how easy I felt the actual skill was, but I didn't necessarily use  a texture that was relevant to the bunny......none the less, I learned the skill!

I played with the different patterns in the library, but I didn't experimant with making my own.

One thing I found to be difficult was drawing the outlines for the carrot. It came out not so hot, and wasn't getting any better, so I didn't attempt his little napkin scarf.

For the text, I went kinda far too! I did everything that Brad taught, including outlining and seperating the letters to be able to adjust them individually (not the S) (whoops!!!!)

Here's The Bunny as finished as I'd like it to be for this course.

There were a few questions I came into while playing around with the details:

1. Once I created the clipping masks, I couldn't go back and undo them. I thought it was awesome to have learned how to creat it, but in the end, the texture I choose really wasn't appropriate, but I had to keep it cause I couldn't delete it! I'm sure there's a way. Do you know what it is?

2. Those detail outlines are a mess on that carrot. I thought I could just paint them on and It wasn't working out. How would you go about doing it?

This class was incredible! I learned soooo much! I have one more video to watch and complete then I'm done!!


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