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Ann Harrison

Illustrator for Bunsen Bunnies, Webcomic.



The Bunnies, how to... ... Make Meringues or Pavlova!!


My Apoligies for the drunken photos, my Scanner has become deceased and I am relying on a camera phone. For some reason the images all rotate 90 clockwise when I upload them to Skillshare... I have decided just to post them anyway.

My Zine has ended up being a mix of the Bunsen Bunnies characters and a how to instruction manual on how to make meringue. After watching all of the tutorial videos this is what sprang to mind,

I had recently made a batch of Meringue for some friends and was reasonably confident that I could condense the instructions down to 8 pages.


 completed with a sharpie marker in a Moleskin notebook. I enjoyed making this and am concidering redoing it with a nicer finish, possibly in watercolour. I had a lot of trouble as mentioned with my Canon scanner, I suspect it may have kicked the bucket. this meant the final Zine here was assembled via my camera phone and is not as neatly done as I normally prefer.

The recipie I have to admit I don't know the original orign of, my Mum and Granny both always just made it from memory. I always found the step where you hold the bowl of beaten egg whites above your head amusing.

I hope some of you find it interesting and perhaps give the recipe a try! I am going to give out copies at a local comic convention this weekend. Hopefully they will enjoy it too.


*Update 06/08/15*

Due to some of my relitives complaining about my handwriting I have digitised the text.



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