The Bullying Manifesto

The Bullying Manifesto - student project

When I starting writing down different topics that are important to me, the ones that stuck for me was 'anti-bullying' and the phrase 'Lording it over.' It felt like for many bullies, they're the 'kings' of the situation and the crowd, and the bullied are just jesters at the castle.

This is the snowflake chart I did of my words and connecting words. There are two concepts I like in here, but I'm thinking for this class i'll go with 'King', though I'm reserving my other idea for another class.

The Bullying Manifesto - image 1 - student project

I've started the sketch- I want to show the bored, uncaring emotion in the bully. I'll be showing the victims as parts of his throne.

The Bullying Manifesto - image 2 - student project

Still some refining yet to do and adding more characters into the throne, but I think I got the overall pose.

The Bullying Manifesto - image 3 - student project

Voila! Did quite a bit of refining. I made him a little older, fiddled with the clothing to make it a bit more realistic, gave him a more menacing expression, and filled out the throne.

My next hurdle is how I want to create this, whether in digital medium or traditional.

Options are (click link to see examples):

- Vector Illustration

- Digital Painting

- Mix of vector and digital painting

- Ink & Watercolor (like the linked project, only in color)

Update 7/15/14:

So I changed my mind on how I'd like to complete this project. I was originally going to tackle it digitally, but after taking Yuko Shimizu's inking class I am in love with brush and ink! I finished the initially inking (below.) I have to do some retouching yet on the ink, and i'll also be doing the color digitally while also adding some textures. 

The Bullying Manifesto - image 4 - student project

Update 9/7/14:

FINAL. After some digital coloring, this is complete. I want to thank Anita for all her help on this, this has been such a learning experience. I'm glad to have joined Skillshare. I'll definitely be taking the techniques I learned from this class and applying it in other areas of my art.

The Bullying Manifesto - image 5 - student project

Also, a bonus: I had an art show this past week, and the Bullying Manifesto was part of the lineup. Had some great feedback!

The Bullying Manifesto - image 6 - student project

The Bullying Manifesto - image 7 - student project

Abigail Southworth

Illustrator & Designer