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The Buerglers

Hi Everyone!

I'm Elizabeth -- I write our family blog as a hobby.   About 10 years ago I started blogged as means of a daily outlet, then as Eric and I were getting married 4 years ago I started a second blog for events relating to our wedding.  With work, grad school, and our new life together maintaining two blogs was out of the question.   I merged them and created a family blog with our last name.

My posts are a combination of daily family life, our travels, favorite recipies, finance, faith and occationally personal reflection.  It's a bit scattered so I am trying to find that "lens" that gives my family blog a unique perspective.

My original goal was to keep family informed, but like other's have said, it's grown beyond that. I have jumped into the depths of the mommy-blogger community and have created a blog/twitter "family" with other like-minded moms. I've learned new things (cloth diapering, eating primally) through the blog community and hope to share a little about our life in a teachable way to witnesses the things that make our family tick.

I know I have some major updating to do -- and this class is the motivation to finally get it done.

I've used Blogger since it's conception and because my life is majorly integrated with Google.  I've used WordPress and Joomla! for work, but find this suits my workflow the best.

(One design disclaimer - I am part of the BlogHer community so I have some restrictions on ad placements.)


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