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The Brontosaurus is back! [in progress]

1. Choose and research your scientific concept

I'm going with the Brontosaurus and it's recent recognition. I like that its name means 'Thunder Lizard', because the ground shakes when he walks. So that's what I'll likely focus on. 

Here I found the history of the Brontosaurus / Apatosaurus mixup. It will be a bit tricky to find the correct references then, as there is now a lot of discussion about their head shape: it is probably close to that of the Diplodocus

It is hard to find Brontosaurus references, as he has been erased by the history books for quite a while. So I'll be using some workarounds. To Google!

2. Gather references

This is the 'new view' on the Brontosaurus. I didn't expect his tail to be so thin. 

He definitly was a lot bigger than a car! Though this is probably an Apatosaurus, and the Brontosaurus is said to have a thinner neck, so I better keep that in mind. 

His head is supposed to be close to that of the Diplodocus, so I'll keep the above reference in mind. 

This is the Apatosaurus skeleton. It gives a nice view of their posture. 


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