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Matt Carter




The Broken Spoke Bicycle Emporium

Well for my logo I fancied doning something around bikes, maybe a vintage bike brand, or a new shop, or custom shop. So I wanted and old school feel really.

I tried a few names and liked "Broken Spoke" so I went from there.

very rough...

I normally mess around on personal projects for an age and then endanger compeletion, I liked this so commited.

So I'm now just playing around with it in illustrator.

I have done some more work on the logo, and will be adding more type. Part of me is wondering why I did something so clean, but I'm commited now so going to keep going with this one.

I just added the spokes to see if it gave me any ideas....

I decided to redraw the logo in pencil, to give it a rougher look.

So I decided I didn't like some letters and that the logo needed a rougher feel. So I ended up drawing it again in pencil from the vector logo, a few tweeks and then scanned it. So this has just been traced from the drawing using illustrator. I much prefer the fact it doesn't look too neat.

I have dropped it on to a couple of backgrounds and am now pretty happy with this one.

I like the look of this. Humble beginings...

Bit more work on this...

And as a Vw camper owner I couldn't resist this one...

So after prompting by a comment confirming what I already thought, I have looked at the logo again, and redone the secondary type to reflect the style of the main type. 

I did this type in a sketch pad last year but never had a use for it, so figured it suited an advert for The Broken Spoke.

Another advert idea, just playing around. More for the look and feel.


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