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The British are Coming - A Texas Wedding Map

I am making this map for my wedding in which my future UK family will see Texas for the first time. I want to include things I know they will get exited about, so tthey'll start looking forward to the trip. It might even inspire more people to make it their holiday next year. :)  I need to focus on the types of things I know they'll enjoy, in all the age groups including college friends, family and grandparents. My final project will go in my wedding invitations, so there is a size constraint to consider. 

I need guidance on where to find the colors I want my project to be. I love the retro robin's egg blue, the greens and pinks in Rifle Paper Company's hand drawn wedding map (and all their projects).  My wedding colors will mostly be a mix of the traditional map pastel colors. I can't afford to buy any computer software right now, so this will be hand made.  I'm open to any sort of medium.

^Rifle Paper Co color inspiration. Does anyone know how to get that blue??

First Step:

I began listing all the places and activities that seemed very Texas summer to me. I tried sketching out some ideas of what I might use to represent them. I'm not great at drawing things without looking at a picture of them at the same time. I didn't have great cell phone reception, so I couldn't google inspiration. Therefore, I ended up with a kayaker that was paddling an avocado and a cowboy riding a schnauzer, amongst other little strange characters. They sorted themselves out as I went along, but I was in a much better mood about having little to do today by the end of it!


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