The Boy with Blue hair

The Boy with Blue hair - student project

Today my son woke up and his hair was bright blue.  Not dyed blue but actually naturally blue.  An electric bright blue.  I am not sure why this has happened, it’s a pretty cool colour but I am concerned, blue hair is not normal.  I have made an appointment to see our GP later in the day.


Have seen the GP.  She is as puzzled as I am, but she pulled out a few strands by the roots and has sent them off to be tested.  She also took some blood and urine....everything else that she checked seemed normal enough.  I must say I am somewhat concerned.


My son of course thinks bright blue hair is awesome - he’s been sending his picture to everyone.  So of course I’m now getting heaps of messages asking me if he is ok.  Naturally I am trying to calm everybody else whilst also not panicking myself.


God Dammit


This morning he woke up and his right arm is a metal grappling claw.  I came downstairs to find him excitedly raising and lowering himself from the top bunk to the floor.  Having grown bored with that he’s now doing the same from the first floor landing to the ground floor.


Meanwhile, my husband and I are having a frantic conversation at the table whilst drinking our coffees.  We are trying not to panic, after all, he seems happy enough it’s not exactly hurting him but obviously...a metal grappling hook, this is not good!


I ring the doctor as soon as they are opened.  I explain the situation and she is as baffled as I am.  She says that for now let's wait and see what the tests say and as long as he is happy and content then let’s leave it.


My son spends the day testing how far he can go with his hook, he’s got quite good at hooking it onto our 8 th story windows and whizzing up and down.  I am not so impressed by this.  However his dad thinks its funny and I just don’t want to get into an argument.  There are bigger things at stake here.  I’ve ditched the coffee and started on the gin...neat!


OMG this is the best day of my life!  My hair is blue!!! It's an absolutely amazing shade of blue.  I ran upstairs to tell my mum.


For some reason she and dad don’t seem to think it's so great. In fact mum is taking me to the doctors later today.  I hope I don’t need a shot!! I hate needles.


I take loads of selfies and send them to my nanas and aunties.  I also sent one to my best mate.  


I hate my mum!!!  The doctors visit was a disgrace!! Not only did she pull out some of my hair but she also took blood.  It took mum dad and the doctors assistant to hold me down for the stupid thing.


I’m in my room hiding from my mum. I’m drawing my favourite character who has blue  hair cause blue hair is awesome.  By dinner time I decided to forgive my mum, I’m hungry and she wont let me eat unless I talk to her.


OMG it only gets better!! This morning I woke up and I have an extendable claw arm.  I spend some time working out how it operates.  Once I’m happy with it I start practicing getting from the floor to my top bunk.  I’ve done this  a few time and mum walks in.  Her face was hilarious!!!


I can hear her and dad talking upstairs.  They seem worried but I think its super cool.  I’ve graduated from my bunk bed to going from the first floor landing to the ground floor.  


Dad comes downstairs and we start working out just how far I can extend my arm.  In the end we decide to go downstairs and see if I can extend it from the ground to our apartment living room windows.


I can!  I use my arm to bring me up to the window.  Mum is not amused...but dad and I think it’s brilliant!


I cannot wait till tomorrow and see what new change I have!