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The Boy who Cried Wolf

After finishing the course, I knew right away that I wanted to illustrate "The Boy who Cried Wolf", a fable very dear to me.  

Here is the first page of scribbles of exploring the concept, including the brainstorming part and a couple of exploratory sketches.


And here are a few (really messy) thumbnail sketches for the layout.


I really liked the second one and decided to explore it a bit further. 


I wanted to make the "boy" in a joyfull way, trying to illustrate the child's trickster attitude, "who cried" in a disturbed calligraphic, through it's boucing baseline and tears and  tried to make "wolf" look furry.

I thought setting the scene at night in a forest would help set the mood of the illustration.

This is the intermediate vector phase of the illustration.


Took it into Photoshop, tweaked it a bit and here's the final artwork.


Thanks for checking out my project. Looking forward for your feedback! 


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