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The Blood Daichen


My character project will actually be part of a much larger world building project I ahve going on. This particular character is one I've been trying to nail for a while. He is a Daichen -  a mutated human imbued with the power of whatever half god he chooses to worship. In this case, he's worshipping the blood deity. I've imagined him as an Albino thanks to the rituals he performs in order to keep hold of the power he has. I'm imagingin him with some kind of wicked looking blood letting weapon. 

Some initial thumbnails.. hard for me to be this loose since I usually work with line, but I'm trying to push myself with value more, so this seems like a great way to do it!



So I picked out a few of the thumbnails I'd done and actually sketched a couple more in, since I still wasn't convinced I had the right shapes or feel. Woulnd't normally work up quite so many, but I had the time, so indulged a little. 


So some variations! I've always enjoyed this stage with character creation, clothing and shape design is the part I love best! I'm happy with all 3 of these but for me personally number three has the right creepy vibe I'm sort of looking for. 


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