The Bliss of Ignorance (FINAL)


I tried  to write  a script  that I could  make, keeping in mind budget and setting . I KNOW  it's a little  slow pace, but I focused more  on the meaning of it. 

This was my first draft.


2nd draft.


Still not done with it, but figured I should show im still working on it .

Final Draft.


Its still not perfect, but i can say i learned alot here.


THE white men played all sorts of jokes on me. They took big fish off my hook And put little ones on, while I was away Getting a stringer, and made me believe I hadn't seen aright the fish I had caught. When Burr Robbins, circus came to town They got the ring master to let a tame leopard Into the ring, and made me believe I was whipping a wild beast like Samson When l, for an offer of fifty dollars, Dragged him out to his cage. One time I entered my blacksmith shop And shook as I saw some horse-shoes crawling Across the floor, as if alive-- Walter Simmons had put a magnet Under the barrel of water. Yet everyone of you, you white men, Was fooled about fish and about leopards too, And you didn't know any more than the horse-shoes did What moved you about Spoon River.

Reading the Spoon River Anthology I keep going back to the same story,Shack Dye. Everytime I read it a new picture would pop into my head .


I picked Shack Dye because I felt more should be said.It was like I was looking through texts and seeing the story between the lines. I then felt the urge to tell the story .

I just felt there was more to the story and the text gave me enough room to improvise.

We are not born with hate,we learn it through the ignorance of others.


Otis,a man living within ignorance feeds it and uses it's power to overcome.

It took me about four hours to write the screenplay ,not counting the two days I spent having the story unfold in my head. I havent looked at it since I completed it . 


I added a different picture.The man's name in this picture is Isaac Granger Jefferson . He was a turn of the century Blacksmith.After reading Mr.Jefferson's story he kinda fits my vision of Otis.


I'm trying to deside rather or not to change the story in my corrections and redraft.


Added 2nd draft. Still working on the change I want to make to the story.




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