The Blender

move a

This soul train dance line to Jungle Boogie is one of my faves. Funky all the way. I get stuck on the standouts, the move that may be simple but different.

Time- 44-48

This unknown dancer is doing what I've come to call "The Shimmy Bow".

move b

I love Bob Fosse. He took the stale conventions of jazz dance and added a cynical slouch. Fosse is decadent and sexy. And funny; Joel Grey and Liza use the moves like clowns.I really like their very first move where they are still except for a sharp hip swivel.


"The Money Mannequin" is the move's name by Fosse.

move c

I went a little gaga over thiis video. I learned the choreo with Broadway Bodies. The harsh melancholy and dark styling just speak to me.  I've picked one that looks like a salute ; frontal and military.

Time- 247-250

"Gaga Salute"

move d

More Fosse. The Rich Man's Frug from Sweet Charity. The dance already has a name- "The Aloof". I coudn't do better than that.

I'm going to saddle up on the cute pony move right at the beginning.

Time- 20-40

move e

Way back when Saturday Night Fever was so exciting because it was the first movie that showed people dancing the way my friends and I were dancing....Party dancing in a movie!

The part where Travolta stops, hands on belt then wiggles down caught my eye because the move momentarily changes the rhythm.

Time- 7,8

"Belt Wiggle"

Flip Trip Tidbit

Michael Jackson was a huge flipper of Fosse and this makes it clear how much love there was.


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