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The Blender experience

Hi everyone :)

I'm a third year student at ferdowsi architecture school in Iran. I've always used sketchup and Vray for my renders and PS for post productions. "The blender experience" has been really cool so far ( just finished the first tutorial). I hope i can make good use of it for my future projects ;) 

SO this is my first render, i just followed the tutorial :

It is a preview render and i stopped at 250/400

As you can see it's very dark so i adjusted the brightness and contrast in PS and i was quite happy with this result :


It's still quite noisy but it only took 7 minutes to get to this render on my macbook pro and i'm sure with more time i would get a better result (hopefully) :D

I was struggling with the very first step of adding a camera :-/ I kept on adding a camera and it wouldnt appear anywhere on the screen and i made sure that i was on object mode  , finally after many attempts it just appeared :-?

so does anyone know what was going on?


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